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Naviance Instructions

Student Instructions – Naviance Family Connection

Family Connection is a program we are using to help with the college admissions process. It is web-based so you can use it at home and we highly encourage you to do so.

This is how it works:

  1. Go to the website-
    1. Under “new user” (on the left side) put in your registration code on your card. Do not fill out the right side of the screen. Press <register>
    2. Next you are going to be asked to put in your email address and a password – it asks for it twice. Make sure you put in the email that you use the most and pick a password that you’ll remember. (If you don’t have an email address, use your parent’s. If you don’t have a computer at home, let your counselor know and we will work with you in the Career Center).
    3. Read the Welcome Page.
  2. Go to “My Game Plan” on the left side of the screen and fill it out.
    1. Click “Save and I am finished” button on the bottom of page.
    2. You can always edit if you have changes at a later time.
  3. Go to “My Resume” on the left side and fill it out.
    1. The career select list is generic; if what you want isn’t there, enter it under the additional notes.
    2. If you have more things (activities) than just the 3 spaces, you can click on “Add Accomplishments” at the bottom of the page and it gives you another blank sheet to add more.
    3. You can always edit if you have changes later.
  4. These are the rest of the buttons and what you would use them for:
    1. My Inbox – check this often for notes from your counselor and/or Career Center.
    2. My Profile – check your address and phone number. If it’s not right, please tell your counselor or go see Mrs. Cole in the Registrar’s Office. We will have Rank/GPA later.
    3. My Checklist – we will have reminders on here for you on what you have to do when during the year.
    4. My Test Scores – SAT and ACT scores will show. No PSAT, AP, PLAN, or TOEFL scores will be on there since they do not show on the transcript and we don’t offer the PLAN and the TOEFL.
    5. *My Colleges – privacy notice for common app –always check “yes” to waive your right to access your letters of recommendation.
      1.  Add colleges to the “Colleges I’m Considering”
      2. Click “add to this list”
      3. Click “lookup” and click on a college you want.
      4. Click “add colleges”
      5. Once you apply to a college, checkmark the box next to the college name and then click <move to application list>.
      6. To request a transcript be sent click <request transcripts>
      7. To check to see if your transcript and college material has been sent, click on <view detail status>. That will tell you what was mailed out and if it was mailed.
    6. My Scholarships – they will not be listed on Naviance this year. Go to the school website and look on the Career Center webpage and go to Scholarships. That will be updated every Friday.
    7. My Journal – a place for you to make a note to yourself or to your counselor. Click “add new entry”. You can allow us to see the note by clicking share with counselor. You can save your activity sheet here and to let your counselor see it.
    8. Visit schedule – Continually check this – Career Center will be posting all of our college visits and you can sign up to attend them right online.
    9. Transcripts – This is where you can request transcripts to be sent if you’ve applied online. We will be notified that you have requested it sent.
    10. Resources – Bunches of websites including the common application and the CSS Profile (financial aid form some private schools require)
    11. Contact Us – A way to send your counselor an email and we can reply back.
    12. College Search – Answer the questions, and it will give you a list of colleges that match what you want.
    13. College Lookup – can look up a college by name.
    14. Maps – You can see where all the colleges are within groups we have set up. Pick a group (ie. SUNY schools). Click on a balloon, it will show you the name of the college, how far it is from your house. You can click for more information on the college. If you click on Satellite, it will give you a different map and if you click on Hybrid, it will combine the two maps.
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