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What is the Solvay Success Academy?

  • This program is open to Solvay High School Students entering 9th Grade.
  • Solvay Success Academy students will earn 24-60 COLLEGE credits during their 4-years of High School.
  • If you were to earn the full 60 College credits that would equal a 2-Year College Associate Degree.
  • The College Degree would be in Math/Science from Onondaga Community College.
  • An application needs to be completed if you would like to be considered for the program.
  • 28 students will be accepted into the program after all the applications are reviewed.

How do I earn College Credits in Solvay High School?

  • Solvay High School offers a variety of College courses that will count towards your required High School requirements and those College credits.
  • Examples of those classes include, Desktop Publishing, Precalculus, Calculus, Early American History, 19th Century History, Composition and Literature, Biology and Genetics, Psychology, Sociology, English, and many others.

How much does this cost?

  • There is NO COST to students in the Solvay Success Academy when taking any college courses.
  • While in the Solvay Success Academy, you will have the opportunity to take college classes in high school that earn you both your required high school credits AND college credits from institutions of higher learning such as OCC, Syracuse University, Cayuga Community College, and SUNY ESF. 

Will I go to the OCC Campus and take classes also?

  • YES! You will attend the OCC campus while being an active member of the Solvay Success Academy.
  • During the summer of your 9th grade year you will attend the OCC Campus for 2 weeks participating in discussions, workshops, career pathway exploration and other areas that will prepare you for the expectations of College.
  • During the summer of your 10th grade year you will attend the OCC Campus for 6 weeks completing an elective course in your degree pathway.
  • During the summer of your 11th grade year you will attend the OCC Campus for 6 weeks completing an elective course in your degree pathway.
  • During your Senior year at Solvay High School, you will have the option to attend the OCC campus and take 1-2 college classes.

How will I get to the OCC Campus?

  • Transportation will be provided to the OCC Campus during the summer and during your senior year.

Throughout the duration of the Solvay Success Academy:

  • Students in the Solvay Success Academy will participate in a college-going culture for the 4 years of their High School career which includes engaging in instruction on key college-knowledge, academic and personal behaviors such as time management, collaboration, problem solving, leadership, study skills, communication, and tenacity. This is done through a variety of afterschool activities and study support sessions.
If you are interested in the Solvay Success Academy and would like an application, please contact Keith Lasher, the Solvay Success Academy Coordinator, at klasher@solvayschools .org or call (315) 468-2551 EXT. 5116
Jay Tinklepaugh, Superintendent
PO Box 980, 299 Bury Drive
Syracuse, New York 13209
Phone: (315) 468-1111