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Solvay second graders helping students in Uvalde

Student-created flowers being sent to Uvalde
Mrs. Boileau's students created flowers to send to Uvalde.

Mrs. Boileau's 2nd grade students (and students from Mrs. Szatanek, Mrs. Welch, Mrs. Rivito and Mrs.Potter's classes)  have been making flowers for students in Uvalde, Texas as a way to show kindness and compassion to others in need.  After seeing a facebook post on a national teacher page that shared a national kindness project for the community of Uvalde, Mrs. Boileau shared the idea of creating flowers to mail to Texas with all of Solvay Elementary. The flowers will be displayed at the new Robb Elementary school so when the students and teachers return they will have something bright and cheerful to make them smile. Iris St.Meran from Channel 9 News came to see the flowers the kids were making and interviewed them about kindness, showing love and making others happy when they are feeling sad. The following students were interviewed: Cayenne Wart, Lily Volski, Mikey Martinez and Kostia Petlokha. These students were asked about the project and the hopes they had for how the flowers would make the community of Uvalde feel. 

See the WSYR full news story at:

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