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Author Alyssa Capucilli Visits Solvay Students to Celebrate Reading

In late March, Solvay Elementary School students got a visit from Alyssa Satin Capucilli, author of the beloved “Biscuit” series. With over 75 titles in the series (and over twenty-one million books in print), “Biscuit” has been deemed a modern classic. It is one of the most borrowed books throughout libraries, as it continues to be embraced by beginner readers, parents, librarians, and educators.
author visit solvay elementary school

We all have stories to tell. Mrs. Capucilli explained how a personal experience can launch our imaginations and help us create our own stories. As the visit progressed, students laughed and read along with Mrs. Capucilli, as Biscuit practiced his familiar bedtime routine. Using repetition, Mrs. Capucilli helps emergent readers practice familiar words and phrases to build their confidence in reading. She also explained her writing process, and showed students how a book is actually made.
students listening attentively as author speaks

The Solvay student audience remained respectful listeners throughout the entirety of the visit, and asked well-thought-out questions such as:

“Who inspired you to be an author?”
“What do you do to overcome writer's block?
“Who is your favorite character?”

Mrs. Capucilli was quite impressed with the thoroughness of the questions. A special thank you goes out to Mrs. Capucilli for taking the time to visit the school!




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