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Learn more about: Wee Deliver at SES

Wee Deliver Team
Meet the Wee Deliver Team!
Just in time for the holiday season, Wee Deliver is up and running at Solvay Elementary School. Wee Deliver, a part of the SES internal post office and mail delivery service, is a program started by the United States Postal Service. The service, which officially launched in November, is staffed by select third graders from SES and supervised by Mrs. Baker and Mrs. Goodeve. Wee Deliver allows SES students the opportunity to learn more about the postal service, how to properly read and address letters, and the chance to spread acts of kindness and cheer.

Wee Deliver runs Monday through Thursday every week throughout the school year. To encourage students to participate, the program hosts challenges throughout the year. Students and staff are encouraged to send letters, poems, notes, drawings, etc. to anyone in SES. Designated students are reponsible for picking up mail in classroom mailboxes, processing in the school post office, and delivering the following business day. The team of third graders who deliver the mail were chosen based on a quality application and teacher recommendation. They have been tasked with not only delivering the mail, but also demonstrating the school-wide expectations at SES related to respect, responsibility, and safety. 

The USPS began Wee Deliver in an effort to encourage schoolchildren to write letters. It gained recognition over the years thanks to Former First Lady Barbara Bush, who was a proponent of the program during her years in the White House. Since then, the program has continued across the nation. At SES, the program has taken place for many years.

The Wee Deliver challenge for this month is to stuff a stocking with compliments – a task the students have fully embraced. The challenge began on December 3, and has had over 100 letters delivered this week.

“We are glad to be able to continue the tradition at Solvay Elementary,” said Ms. Goodeve. “The students really enjoy being able to bring letters to their friends and teachers.”

Wee Deliver Team
Wee Deliver Team
Wee Deliver Team
Wee Deliver Team
Wee Deliver Team
Wee Deliver Team




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