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BOCES Print Shop


Solvay Middle School 

Room 015A


Telephone: Main office: 315.487.7061 Ext.: 6148



Operated by: OCM BOCES


The Solvay Print Center provides the Solvay School District with high quality printed output in an efficient and professional manner.


Paper sizes/colors available (pastels)
8.5"x11": white, yellow, blue, green, pink, goldenrod, orange**, lavender, cherry

January 27, 2017: Our supply of 8.5x11 PINK has been exhausted.
Cherry will be used as a substitute until exhausted, then PINK will be reinstated.

8.5x11 YELLOW has been exhausted. 
GOLDENROD will be used as a substitute until exhausted, then YELLOW will be reinstated.

Thanks for your understanding.

**Orange paper is only available for bearcat coupons, club announcements and the like.


8.5"x14": white
11"x17": white, yellow, blue, green, pink


Xerox 4127 w/booklet maker - Prints 127 single sided copies per minute 

Horizon Paper Cutter - Model: PC-45 


Helpful Hints

Print/copy only the pages you need
Use BOTH sides of paper when printing or copying
Send originals via email rather than hardcopy 
(when sending via email, please send actual files, not links, as we have limited access to some sites. Thanks!)
For best results, hardcopy originals should be on white paper

Recycling Efforts:
The Solvay Print Center, through XEROX, recycles all used print drums, used toner bottles & waste toner. We also recycle or reuse rubber bands, cardboard boxes from paper and copier supplies. A large percentage of unusable copies are recycled. 


 Every little bit helps!



# of copies

 per day

25,000 – 35,000

 per month

400,000 – 550,000

 per year



Holiday Recess/Break hours are the same as the Middle School Building hours.




Solvay Union Free School District
Jay Tinklepaugh, Superintendent
PO Box 980
299 Bury Drive
Syracuse, New York 13209
Phone: (315) 468-1111

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