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A Very Patriotic Student

Nathan presenting the flag to Mr. Fisher & Mr. Graves
Nathan presenting the flag to Mr. Fisher & Mr. Graves
Nathan folding the old flag.
Nathan folding the damaged flag.

Nathan Landers is an 8th grade student who has deep appreciation and respect for his country. He shows this by proudly standing and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance at the start of each day when he attends school. In December he noticed that the flag outside of the middle school was quite tattered and torn, and this bothered him.  Instead of keeping this to himself, or just dismissing the issue all together, Nathan took action. 

He spoke with his building principal, Mr. Graves, about the situation.  He shared his strong feelings that flying a flag in this condition was a disservice to all of the men and women who have served to protect this country. 

Mr. Graves promised Nathan that he would look into the situation. When a new flag arrived a week later, Nathan was invited to help retire the old flag and raise the new one. He treated both flags with ultimate respect.  He then folded the old flag and presented it to Mr. Fisher, SMS Head Custodian, so that it could be sent to the American Legion for proper disposal.

Thank you, Nathan Landers, for your dedication and respect for your country, and taking action on this important situation!

See Nathan raise the new flag below:







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