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Name Building Phone Email Website
Acchione, Michael SMS 315-487-7061 macchione
Ackerman, Kayleigh SES 315-488-5422 kackerman Website
AlloreReynolds, Lisa SES 315-488-5422 lallorereynolds
Altman, Cindy SMS 315-487-7061 caltman
Alton, Susan SMS 315-487-7061 salton
Andrianos, Alicia SES 315-488-5422 aandrianos
Arcaro, Teresa DO 315-468-4942 tarcaro
Armani, Jaime SMS 315-487-7061 jarmani
Baden, David SMS 315-487-7061 dbaden Website
Bagozzi, Lisa SHS 315-468-2551 lbagozzi
Baker, Kathy SES 315-488-5422 kbaker
Barboni, Patricia SMS 315-487-7061 pbarboni
Barnello, Joseph SHS 315-468-2551 jbarnello
Barnes, Nicole SES 315-488-5422 nbarnes
Barry, Annette SHS 315-468-2551 abarry
Bartlett, Kylie SES 315-488-5422 kbartlett
Beachner, David SHS 315-468-2551 dbeachner
Birdslow, Tracy SMS 315-487-7061 tbirdslow Website
Blossey, Cole SHS 315-468-2551 cblossey
Boileau, Melissa SES 315-488-5422 mboileau
Borowiec, Bonnie SMS 315-487-7061 bborowiec
Bresnahan, Patricia SHS 315-468-2551 pbresnahan
Briggs, Shelby SHS 315-468-2551 sbriggs
Brooks, Cory SMS 315-487-7061 cbrooks Website
Brown, Elizabeth SES 315-488-5422 ebrown
Brown, Gary Trans 315-487-5842 gbrown
Brown, Lindsay SMS 315-487-7061 lbrown
Buckman, Kermit SHS 315-468-2551 kbuckman
Burke, Jacqueline SMS 315-487-7061 jburke
Campbell, Patricia SHS 315-468-2551 pcampbell
Cantrell, Kathleen SES 315-488-5422 kcantrell
Caputo, Jessica SMS 315-487-7061 jcaputo
Carlson, Carissa SES 315-488-5422 ccarlson
Carlton, Jennifer DO 315-468-4942 jcarlton
Carpenter, Matthew SES 315-488-5422 mcarpenter
Carr, Enzo SHS 315-468-2551 ecarr
Cass, Tamara SHS 315-468-2551 tcass
Cavalieri, Matthew SES 315-488-5422 mcavalieri
Cole, Mary Kay SMS 315-487-7061 mcole
Cole, Theresa SES 315-488-5422 tcole Website
Comerford, Brian SES 315-488-5422 bcomerford
Conklin, Annette DO 315-468-1111 aconklin Website
Connors, Chelsea SHS 315-468-2551 cconnors
Corbett, Jacquelyn SMS 315-487-7061 jcorbett
Couse, Kevin SMS 315-487-7061 kcouse Website
Cousineau, Julianne SES 315-488-5422 jcousineau Website
Creedon, Yuylia SMS 315-487-7061 ycreedon
Curtin, Judith SMS 315-487-7061 jcurtin Website
Cutrone, Joseph SMS 315-487-7061 jcutrone
DEredita, Alexa SMS 315-487-7061 aderedita
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Solvay Union Free School District
Jay Tinklepaugh, Superintendent
PO Box 980
299 Bury Drive
Syracuse, New York 13209
Phone: (315) 468-1111

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