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Meet this year's Valedictorian & Salutatorian

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Name: Marisa Presutto

Town: Syracuse

Parents: Laurie and Anthony Presutto

My plans in the next few years: I will be attending SUNY Geneseo as a Biology major.

What I've enjoyed the most about my high school experience:  I have been involved in music and theater for as long as I can remember. Being a member of my school's Vocal Jazz Ensemble as well as a part of our theater productions has by far been the highlight of my high school career.

My favorite quote or saying: "Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid." - Albert Einstein

This is who has inspired me the most: My sister has been a huge inspiration to me throughout high school. Watching her persevere through medical school and graduate just a few weeks ago has made me incredibly proud. She has taught me so much over the past four years and even though we'll both be leaving this summer, I know that she will continue to inspire me in the future.

My advice to my graduating class: What we truly learned these past four years is not what we memorized for our finals. Rather, we learned the skills to problem solve, the ability to mend broken relationships, and the tools for socialization. As time rapidly passes, we may not remember a majority of the things that we learned from high school, but if we are fortunate, we will retain those lessons that are most essential, subconsciously carrying these throughout our lives.

What I do to relax and unwind: My favorite way to relax is by watching a good TV series with my two cats.

Word or phrase that best describes me: Determined

How I want my classmates to remember me at our 25-year reunion: I want to be remembered for not conforming to the crowd.

One thing I would like to accomplish in my lifetime: In my lifetime, I hope that I'll be able to make a difference. I want to have a positive impact on other people's lives.


Name: Jack Gilbert

Town: Lakeland

Parents: Christine Gilbert and Donald Gilbert

My plans in the next few years:  I have been accepted to the Rochester Institute of Technology Golisano software engineering program.

What I've enjoyed the most about my high school experience:  I've enjoyed how everyone has just been so kind to me. I simply feel so overwhelmed by the overall compassion and kindness my classmates give towards me. They actively include me in things, make sure I'm not left out, and push me to speak for myself.

My favorite quote or saying: "Just turn it off and on again, it usually works."

This is who has inspired me the most: My freshman English teacher Mr. Carr. He is one of the most comedic and informative teachers that I have ever had the pleasure to have. His jokes could lighten the tone of any dark novel.

My advice to my graduating class: College is not the end all, be all, for all. Some of us are destined for greater things beyond the realm of higher education. So pursue what you see fits your own passions.

What I do to relax and unwind: I usually plop down on my office chair and relax on my computer. Typically I look at recent news, play a couple of games, or watch online media.

Word or phrase that best describes me: Pretty chill dude

How I want my classmates to remember me at our 25-year reunion: I just want them to remember me as being nice to them. I've tried my best to make everyone's life a bit better when they are around me. I offer my help in any way I can offer, be that an ear to talk to or a resource for information. I just want others to be happy.

One thing I would like to accomplish in my lifetime: I hope to see myself involved in promotion of the progress of mankind. Even if I'm just a little step in the long walk of progression.

One more thing about me I'd like to include: I'm surprised I made it this far. I hope the rest of my life surprises me even further.





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