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B.E.S.T. Archive




Students cooking meatballs

Ski Club
Students pose for a picture at Ski Club

Students in Baking class created fruit pizza!
students cooking after school

SMS SKI Club!!!

Baking & Eating & Robotics!
students baking, eating food, and using robots

Science Exploration: Paper Airplanes

Ukulele Practice
students play ukuleles

Students make slime in after-school Science AIS!
students made slime in science
students making slime
students made slime
students making slime

Thanks to the 21st Century Grant, Mrs. Alton and Ms. D’Eredita’s 6th grade summer program was a great success!

The children began each day with a responsive classroom chart and an engaging morning meeting. Children in the summer program ate breakfast and lunch family style in the class. Some of their favorite meals were chicken and waffles, sausage, egg, and cheese sandwich on a pretzel bun, chicken poppers, barbeque turkey sandwich, and french toast sticks.

Children in the program read the novel Flush by Carl Hiaasen. As an extension of the novel, the children developed individualized projects to complete, which they then presented to the class. Some of the projects were: creating a game board based on the novel, writing letters to the author, developing a poster on the Florida Keys (the setting of the novel), researching and creating a google slideshow about marine animals, and creating a mural of a polluted ocean. After reading the novel, the students wanted to take it a step further, so in groups, they researched effects of water pollution. As a culminating project, one group wrote a script about water pollution, rehearsed, recorded it, and presented it to the class. The other group wrote a talk show based on their research of the water pollution in Onondaga Lake. This talk show was a hit!

A favorite activity was developing and writing their own recipes for popsicles. They then followed their recipe to make them in Mrs. Cole’s kitchen (thanks Mrs. Cole).

At the end of each day the children reflected on their day in writing, as Mrs. Alton and Ms. D’Eredita responded to them in google docs.   

Students working on ELA and bounce houses in summer
Cooking Class
students prepare foods after school
students pose with foods they made

SHS Summer Science - Dissection Lab
The 21st Century Grant afforded Solvay's high school science department with a unique and inquiry-based opportunity this summer. Mrs. Lisi's biology students had the incredible experience of dissecting a grass frog, fetal pig, and cow's heart over the course of three days in July. Students worked diligently through each dissection, identifying individual organs and their functions in both amphibian and mammalian organisms. This is an opportunity not often made available for students until collegiate age. These students now have a great advantage for any future biology courses they may choose to pursue in the future! Great job!

High school dissection students

Perler Beads & Colorful Art
students doing arts and crafts
students doing arts and crafts
students doing arts and crafts

Easter celebrationsEaster games

Students keeping their minds active over spring break!
Students working over spring break

Thanks to Elsa and Cuse Pit Crew for helping to bring awareness to the students in our Humane Education program!
Students and a pug dog for humane education
Students pose with pug dog for humane education

Roman Arts - 2D Plans become 3D Pots!
Students posing with pots.
Students posing with pots, 2

Mrs. Hastings' Saturday Program

We read the story Bartholomew and the Oobleck, made Oobleck, made thing 1 and thing 2 hats, Horton hears a who hats, I spy Dr. Seuss, Dr. Seuss math, brain break dancing/songs, roll and cover with paint dabbers, and watched Horton hears a who and ate popcorn.

Winter Fun Day with Mrs. Alton  & Mrs. Diel over break!
Students working on snow paintings
students working on paintings of snow

Mrs. Alton's second grade Mystery Science group followed a recipe and made gingerbread men.
They decorated them and ate them with hot chocolate stirred with a candycane.
students using candycanes and cookies in science

Students exploring science principles using balloons 
Students work after school

Students learned about mosaics and Roman numerals to then create their own mosaic clock. 
Student project of a mosaic clock
Student project of a mosaic clock
Student project of a mosaic clockStudent project of a mosaic clock

Reading Mentor Program
Student working on projects in science.
 Magic Tree - Mrs. Alton
Students working on science projects.
STEM & Problem Solving!!!!
Students working on science projectsStudents working on science projectsStudents working on science projectsStudents working on science projects

SMS - Babysitting Course
Students learning to cook for babysitting and supplies for babysitting
Humane Club
Students from Ms. Parisi and Mrs. Ford's 2nd and 3rd grade Humane Education Club spent 10 weeks learning about the importance of Humane Education. Students learned about topics relating to dogs' wants and needs, proper care and treatment of dogs, over population of shelters, and the negative impacts of puppy mills. In a 3 week collaboration with Cuse Pit Crew, students learned about dog safety and how to appropriately approach dogs. We even had a special visit from our 4 legged friend, Elsa! As a culminating activity, students created a district-wide donation drive, with all donations going to help the dogs at Second Chance Canine Adoption Shelter in Jamesville.
students posing with humane society dog and workers
students pose with dogs from humane society
students wearing hats presenting with dog

After-School Roman Art Projects
students working on pottery at solvay elementary
students working on art/pottery

Finished Pots:
students holding pink pots

SES Young Musicians Club
Students playing music instruments
Students playing instruments
  SES Ancient Roman Art Class -  Roman frescoes, columns & mosaics!   

AM Students completed their Animal Research Projects! Great job!
Student with animal project

Kindergarten STEM program students planning and constructing an alternative plan for the Gingerbread Man to cross the river without falling in.  In the book he rides on the back of a fox - pretty dangerous!    


Science Club
On Saturday, May 12th, Science Club braved a rainy forecast took a hiking trip to Buttermilk Falls in Ithaca and then to Fillmore Glen in Moravia.  On this all-day field trip we hiked up through 2 gorges, exploring local geology and the signs of spring as the streams' rushing waters flowed past newly leafed-out trees with spring plants blanketing the forest floor.  Students turned over rocks in search of bugs and backboned creatures alike.  A fun time was had by all.

Solvay H.S. Students Visit Darco Manufacturing

Two students and 1 teacher pose for a photograph about vegetarian cooking.
The “Beyond Salad” class concluded on Dec. 15 with a dinner party, hosted by Mrs. Russell and her family. At the party, students dined on homemade pizzas, snacks, and dessert, while chatting about future plans and reminiscing about their time at the Solvay UFSD – including the good old days at Solvay Middle School.




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