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Solvay UFSD Thanks Solvay Community Partners

On Thursday, March 30, the Solvay Union Free School District (UFSD) hosted a “Community Partners Luncheon” at Solvay High School. The luncheon served as a way for the Solvay UFSD to thank its community partners for all that they do in helping to make Solvay so special, while helping to generate some new ideas for future partnerships within the community.

The lunch started out with a welcome from Solvay UFSD Superintendent Lawrence Wright. With the signed OCC Advantage poster for the Solvay High School Class of 2020 behind him, Wright provided a summary of all that the Solvay UFSD and its community partners have accomplished from working together – including the OCC Advantage program. He then provided the community partners with an opportunity to introduce themselves to everyone in the room and share how they worked with the Solvay community.

Following this, community partners participated in a table talk session, where they discussed ways in which they currently worked with Solvay UFSD, as well as how their partnerships can make the community stronger. Once each table had developed some ideas and suggestions, they participated in a share-out session as a group and started a discussion on the importance of community partners. Wright helped to facilitate the discussion and documented the ideas on a notepad in front of the room for all to see.

At the end of the session – with a notepad full of ideas and suggestions – Solvay UFSD thanked the community partners for all they do for not only the Solvay UFSD, but also the Solvay community as a whole. Thank you to our community partners for all you do to help make Solvay special!




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