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Pesticide Notification Procedure

Parent/Guardian and School Staff:
The use of pesticides on school property has gained attention from various groups, agencies, and individuals. At Solvay UFSD, we want you to know that we take pesticide applications seriously.

It is our policy to practice Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to protect our students, staff, and property from unwanted pests. As you are aware, pests carry and spread diseases, contaminate food, sting, and cause property damage. Keeping pests such as mice out of our buildings is important to help ensure the safety and health of our students and the protection of our property. The practice of IPM helps us balance our objectives of keeping pests a safe distance away while limiting the use of pesticides.

The New York State Pesticide Notification Law requires that we notify you that pesticides may be used periodically throughout the school year. It is our intent to protect our students and staff from exposure, and use only non-volatile, reduced risk pesticides from the exempt list for any application. However, should we find it necessary to use other pesticides, the law requires us to maintain a list of parents, guardians, and staff members who wish to receive 48-hour advance notice when a non-exempt pesticide is intended to be used.

If you wish to have your name added to the 48-hour advanced notice list for use of non-exempt pesticides when required by law, simply send a request to the Solvay Union Free School District, 299 Bury Dr., Syracuse, NY 13209, Attn: Kevin Van Beveren, Director of Facilities.  Please include in your request that you are a staff member or parent/guardian of a student at Solvay Union Free School District.




Solvay Union Free School District
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